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What's in a Duty?

Whilst it may seem a bit daunting to start with if you are new to Sailing, there will be plenty of other Members willing to help you as you learn what is involved in satisfying your Duty obligations.  What follows is a brief outline about what each Duty is responsible for though much of this is available in printed form in the OOD's box, i.e. the small black hut nearest to the water, which is where the Races are controlled from. 

If you are looking for infomation on DutyMan, click here.

Officer of the Day - commonly shortened to 'OOD'

This is the person who has overall responsibility for running the Race's scheduled by the Club on a particular day, and for ensuring all the other Duties are manned and carried out; so to summarize

The OOD  is responsible for:The overall running and appropriate safety aspects of the Race Event

  • The overall running and appropriate safety aspects of the Race Event
  • Ensuring that all Roster Duties are occupied before racing commences
  • To open up and prepare the Race Box / flags etc.
  • Ensuring that the safety boat is on the water and ready for action at all times during the race
  • Completing an appropriate radio check prior to racing
  • Setting an appropriate course
  • Controlling the start and finish of each race in accordance with the Sailing Instructions
  • Accurately recording / timing the results of each race and pinning the results on the Notice Board in Club House
  • Convening a Protest hearing in the event of a Competitor lodging a Protest, though depending on the experience of the OOD, he or she may ask a member of the Committee to help though this relatively rare event.

Assistant 'OOD'

This Duty basically involves working with the OOD as he executes his Duties, but commonly the AOOD will

  • Operate the Flags
  • Help record positions and times as the Race progresses

Safety Helm / Cox

This person's principle duties involve controlling the Rescue boat and coming to the aid of any boat that capsizes or appears to be in distress in some way.  It should be noted that due to the nature of this duty, all participants should have attended and completed either our own club specific training course, or hold an alternative PowerBoat qualification (PB2 or similar).  If in doubt, please speak to a committee member who can clarify this for you before opting for this duty.  This duty includes:

  • Getting the Safety boat/petrol etc. out and ready for use prior to racing
  • Ensuring that the craft is always manned and ready of use while a Race is in progress
  • Undertaking a Radio check prior to racing
  • At the request of the OOD, moving / locating inflatables once a course has been set
  • Helming the Safety boat in a sensible and responsible manner
  • Assisting sailors as appropriate but only at their request unless they are clearly in distress
Further guidance to safety boat operation can be found here: Reminders for Safety Boat Helm

Safety Crew

The Safety crew's duty is to assist the Safety Helm by being at the front of the Boat and interacting with the boat needing assistance while the Helm controls the Safety boat. The crew needs to be fairly fit, as some lifting and pulling may be involved, and they should be prepared - and therefore clothed appropriately - to get into the water if instructed to do so by the Safety Helm so as to help with the crew and boat to which Assistance is being given. This is one of those Duties where often it is just 'sitting around' waiting, but when there is some action, it can happen quite quickly and be of great importance.  As above - Safety Crew duties should not be carried out without adequate training, but speak to a member of the committee to discuss this further.

Galley Duties

Not perhaps as glamorous as OOD or Safety Helm, but every bit as important!

For better or worse, gourmet food is not a feature of the ASC facilities, but a reliable supply of Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks and Snacks certainly is!  Also, especially during the Winter, preparing some Hot Bacon Rolls, Soup or Jacket potatoes may be on the Menu, but this is always at a fairly simple level, and there are Instructions in the Galley area on how to do things.  So the Duty involves;

  • Getting things ready first thing, i.e. Mugs, Milk, Sugar out, Water boiler on
  • Dispensing and taking money for the Beverages and Snacks
  • Preparing the Bacon rolls etc. if needed
  • Washing up / using the Dishwasher as needed
  • Clearing up and generally making sure everything is clean and ready for next time

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