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In this area are detailed some of the 'Formal' issues that your Membership Profile may, depending on your Membership Level, ask you to agree to.

Agreement to accept Email Notifications

In order to allow the Club to operate efficiently, and with least imposition on those Members who volunteer to perform various duties - such as the Club Secretary and the Membership Secretary - New members are required to accept that Renewal and Formal, e.g. Notices about the Annual of Special General Meetings, will be sent by email to the email-address that you set up and maintain in your Membership Profile. Should there be any reason why you feel this requirement is unreasonable in anyway, then do please get in touch with the Commodore - - who will discus the matter with you personally.

Confirmation that this Child can swim to an accepted standard.

The safety of a Child whilst at the Club is completely the responsibility of the Parent or Member deemed to be responsible at that point in time.  However, it is useful for the Club to know that a Child or Junior Member can swim to an accepted standard.  This is currently deemed to be able to swim for 20 yards whilst wearing reasonable weight clothing or a wetsuit, and to be able to swim for 5 yards underwater.

Confirmation that this Child has no Medical Conditions the Club Training Team should be aware of

Against the backdrop that your Child's Parent or designated temporary Guardian should be present at the Club at all times the Child is at the the Club, is there any particular issue the Training Team should be aware of? E.g allergy to Bee stings which would warrant immediate transport of the Child back to the Parent / Guardian.  If there is, please email the Commodore at who will liaise with one the designated Child Protection Officers, before formally replying to you to confirm the Club's acceptance of the situation.

Confirmation that your Boat is Insured

Ardleigh Sailing Club requires to hold a minimum of GBP 2 million of Third Party Liability cover before you may bring a boat onto the Club Premises, but checking this box, you are confirming you have this Cover in place, and will ensure it remains in force for as long as the boat is at the Club.  The Club reserves the right to ask for evidence that this cover is in force at any time, within reason. 

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