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Racing or Social Sailing?

You'll find out more about all sailing activities here as well as about the duties that keep the club running.

Getting to know the water. 

ASC has a number of fixed sailing marks in place on the water.  These are generally used for racing and setting appropriate courses, but they can be used by anyone on the water. (It may be wise to avoid these if a race is underway)   The marks are numbered 1-8 and span around the entire size of the water.  The club also has a number of temporary racing marks that can be placed wherever needed in order to create the perfect course. 

No Sailing Zone - ASC also has an area clearly marked off that should be considered an unsafe area for all sail boats.  This is due to overhead power cables that are strung over the lake.  This area is at the far end, beyond fixed mark number 5.  No boats are to be sailed within this area.

A visual guide to the fixed mark location's and the general sailing area is provided below.  

There are two launch slips for members to access the water via. These are located in front of the club house. 

Need any help getting on the water?

Do you need crew for your double hander?  Do you want to sail but havn't your own boat?  You'd be surprised how many double handed boats we have that need you!  Even If have have a boat, want to sail but need an experienced helm to help you build confidence why not ask other members?

Post a simple message on the WhatsApp group to let others know what you need or drop the committee and email - with a little luck someone might just express an interest. 

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