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Displayed here are links to the Race Results for this year and the last, to the bottom of this page are links to historic results for the various Series and Plates held during previous Sailing years.  All the 'sailwave' results are in .pdf format, and will normally open in a separate window when you click on the underlined:

Active Early Summer Series

Active Summer Evening Persuit

Early Spring Series(awaiting final update)

Spring Evening Pursuit (awaiting final update)

Solo Open Meeting 2024

 Phantom Frostbite Series 2024  

 Handicap Frostbite Series  2024.

 Christmas Cup 2023

Winter Phantom Series  2023.

 Handicap Winter Series 2023.

 Solo Winter Series  2023.

 Sundowner 2023 

Keith Harvey Pursuit 

Autumn 2023 

 Late Summer 2023 

 Early Summer 2023 

 Summer Cup 2023

Summer evenings 2023

 Late Spring 2023 

Spring Evening Series 2023 

 Early Summer 2023 

Early Spring 2023 

frostbite 2023

ASC Prize allocation system:

Traditionally, prizes were awarded for the 1st. 2nd. and 3rd. boat in each Series and Plate event.

This tends to result in a small number of members receiving the majority of the prizes, however with fairly long series we also have a high number of discards so consistently reasonable results can get a trophy.

Dinghy Racing Handicaps

For those of you that like to know just how your race results are calculated, the full 2024 dinghy listing as published by the RYA is available here.

Historic Race Results:

The following provide access to the archived results from previous years.  Select any of the links to view:

2022 Race Results

Christmas Cup at Ardleigh  2022

 Winter Series  2022.pdf

Autumn Series 2022.pdf

Sundowner Pursuit 2022.pdf    

Summer 2022.pdf  

Summer Plate 2022.pdf  

Early Summer 2022.pdf  

Early Summer Evenings 2022.pdf  

Late spring 2022.pdf  

Easter Cup 2022.pdf  

Early Spring 2022.pdf

2021 Race Results

2021 Early Spring Series.pdf

2021 Easter Plate.pdf

2021 Spring Evening Series - Latest.pdf

2021 Late Spring Series - Final.pdf

2021 Early Wednesday Evening Series - Final.pdf

2021 Early Summer Series - Final.pdf 

2021 Wednesday Evening Summer Handicap Series Latest.pdf  

2020 Race Results

2020 Phantom Winter Series

2020 Solo Winter Series

2020 HCAP Winter Series

2020 frostbite (6 Races) 

2019 Results

2019 phantom winter series final 2019 sundowner series final 2019 winter series HCAP final

2019 autumn series 8 races 2019 sundown series5 races 2019 late summer final

2019 weds evening series final 2019 Early Summer final  2019 early wed eve pursuit final

2019 Easter Plate 2019 spring plate   2019 LATE SPRING SERIES final

2019 early spring series final 2019 Frostbite 16 races

2018 Results

2018 WINTER SERIES final 2018 sundown series final 2018 Autumn series final

2018 Late Summer series final 2018 weds evening series final 2018 Spring Plate

2018 keith harvey pursuit 2018 early Summer series final 2018 Solo Open Meeting

2018 Spring Evening Series final 2018 late spring series final 2018 NMD One Pursuit

2018 Early spring series final 2018 Easter Plate 2018 frostbite handicap final

2017 Results

2017 Autumn series final 2017 sundowner pursuit series final 2017 summer plate

2017 wed evening final 2017 early summer series final 2017 late summer series final

2017 early summer series final 2017 Keith Harvey pursuit 2017 solo open

2017 late spring series final

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