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The Constitution of the Club is the legal document that defines what the Club may do, how it is administered and the rights of individual members. It is of necessity a somewhat formal document, but you are encouraged to read it when first joining the Club, as it does explain what you are, and are not allowed, to do whilst at the Club's premises. We do plan to issue a more readable 'Do's and Don'ts' version soon, but meantime - and in any case in the event of a dispute - it is the full Constitution that matters, a copy of which is below - clicking on the link will open the document in a separate window.

Should you have an queries about the Constitution, or the interpretation of it, do please contact the Honorary Secretary at

Because the Constitution is such an important document for the Club there are strict rules about the procedure that must be followed if changes need to be made to it, which of course over time does occur. Whilst the Constitution can be changed at an Annual General Meeting, it is more normal for it to be done at a Special General Meeting.  The constitution was last updated and approved at SGM in 2022, and can be found here.

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