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Committee 2024-25

The best way to get in touch with the committee is to email committee@ardleighscdotcodotuk and the appropriate person should get back to you.

Title Name Picture Duties Email
Commodore Simon Robinson
The Commodore has overall responsibility for the club’s affairs, ensuring it continues to develop and for appointing the Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore.
 Vice Commodore Matthew House   Deputy to the commodore with special responsibility for sailing activities. vice.commodore@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Rear Commodore

Assistant to the commodore with special responsibility for social and non-sailing activities. rear.commodore@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Club Secretary Alison Murphy Conducts the club’s correspondence and keeps minutes of all formal meetings. secretary@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Treasurer Jess Skeet Keeps books of accounts to give a true and fair view of the state of the finances of the club. treasurer@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Sailing Secretary Paul Constable Organises the sailing programme and produces racing results. sailing@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Membership Secretary Anja Newman Manages membership renewals and is the contact point for new and prospective members. membership@ardleighscdotcodotuk
BosunMatt House Ensures all the club boats, both rescue and sailing, are maintained to a satisfactory standard.
Communication & Marketing Officer Position Vacant Looks after club related events, and takes care of club publication, marketing affairs, advertising & press releases.
Social Sailing Secretary Position Vacant Organises the social sailing programme.
Paddle Sports Representative Position Vacant    
Junior Officer  

Committee Member

Richard Clayton 
Committee Member  Richard Vokes  Has special responsibility for Health and Safety  safety@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Committee Member Sue Major   general01@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Committee Member Mark Lock  general02@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Committee Member Vacant    general03@@ardleighscdotcodotuk
Committee Member Vacant    general04@ardleighscdotcodotuk
 Simon Robinson Responsible for boat park 
 Welfare Jess Skeet  Welfare Officerwelfare@ardleighscdotcodotuk

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