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Information for Potential New Members

We are delighted you are interested in joining Ardleigh Sailing Club.  Please arrange to come and visit the club!  If you have any queries of any sort do contact the Committee:  and we will do our best to help.

What does Membership contain?

  • Once you are a member, you are able to use the Club facilities and Reservoir during daylight hours all throughout the year. However it is expected that you stay clear of any racing that you aren't taking part in.
  • The Club has a number of 'Club Boats' that can be hired to provide new sailors with an opportunity to get on the water and to be a stepping stone towards owning your own boat! (A Committee member needs to be around whilst a 'Club Boat' is being used)
  • You will be given the current combination for our security locks so that you can gain access to the Club grounds and premises. 
  • Rescue cover is provided during races or at events, you can find out more about Ardleigh's racing scene here. Note that a membership contains access to our Winter and Frostbite series, however these can be applied for without being a member!
  • We ask that members perform duties as the club has no paid staff, this includes Rescue Cover, OOD and Galley duties (we try and provide support/training for new members; assistant roles are available for those less confident) 
  • We have an extensive Dinghy park where you can store you boat once a boat fee has been paid.  Please note you must pay this fee regardless of whether you keep the boat at the Club, as this count is used to establish the rent we pay to the owners of the Reservoir.
  • As a member you will have access to a Membership Card, which proves you are a member of Ardleigh Sailing Club, instructions of how to access it will appear here once you have a membership.

The Application Process

To join the Club, please complete the Membership Application and then pay the appropriate Membership fees, per our agreed payment methods.

When you have done this and paid, you will be made a Temporary Member and provided with the current combination for our security locks, giving you access to the Club grounds and premises. Then, in line with our Constitution, your Application will be processed by the Committee at its next Monthly meeting. Once complete, and accepted, they will contact you again just to confirm you are a Full member for the Level of Membership you have applied for.


  • Q - Can ASC provide sail training for members or non members?
    • A - Unfortunately ASC is unable to offer training courses at present. We are hoping to rectify this in the future. If you want us to contact you when training is possible visit this page. 
  • Q -  Do I need to own my own boat before joining?
    • A - No, we do have a small number of club sailing boats, kayaks and paddle-boards that can be hired by members. Or if you have intention of taking to the water you can join as a social member!
  • Q - Do I need to be a member to use the facilities for sailing, kayaking or paddle-boarding?
    • A -  Yes, however existing members may sign in a guest on a limited basis. ASC holds occasional open days for non members to try out on-the-water activities! Check our calendar for events.

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